Red Wrenn's ensorcelled servant



Henry is a mute African-American adolescent, a wide-eyed unsmiling teenager who keeps his chest puffed out like he’s proud of what he’s doing, no matter what it is.

The boy dresses simply: pair of distressed jeans, a white wife-beater t-shirt, and no shoes. (His feet, in contrast to his youth, appear over-large and leathery.)

Quotes: (steely glare, nothing more)



It’s all about the facial expressions for Henry. He does have a pen and small notepad if he needs to write complicated notes down, but for the most part he tries very hard (and generally succeeds) to let people know his thoughts via body language and changing expressions.

Rumor: Wren’s ensorcelled servant — the adolescent boy, Henry — was her first sacrifice in her first invocation of the Children’s Contract, years before. It did not go as planned


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