Joey Duncan

10 yr old boy with blond hair & freckles with autism



Joey is a tow-headed boy, a pale slip with pronounced freckles. He seems vulnerable: thin, small, wide-eyed. But he doesn’t seem to know that he’s vulnerable, standing stock still most times, rarely cowering, hands balled into tight little fists.

Something about his eyes draws your gaze to them. They are either infinite, containing an alarmingly deep well of wisdom, or they are totally empty — as devoid of anything as the deepest reaches of dark space. Is it possible that they can be both infinite and empty?




Joey is an odd boy, autistic and strange. He seems mildly disconnected with what’s going on around him.


“Something very bad is going to happen.”

“I don’t trust you. My mother said not to trust anybody.”

[silent, hollow gaze — the boy has clearly shut down]

Joey Duncan

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