PC JJ Jessica Jane Taylor(Lisa)


Be careful what you wish for……

We were flying two injured Marines back to base when we were shot down. One patient and the other corpsman died quickly; the rest of us were not so lucky. When I came to, the sons-of-bitches were ripping the bandages off our patient. He had been badly burned when the jeep he was in had exploded from an IED. As they pulled off the bandages, what was left of his skin came with them. His screams had brought me to. After a few minutes, he grew silent as the shock claimed him and then death came for him too. They took the pilot and me back to their hideout. When they decided to ransom us, they sent his thumb and my eye as proof of “life.” While they were waiting for a response, they tortured us. I do not talk of that time. After days that felt like years, I remember thinking how I wanted to be anywhere but there.

Be careful what you wish for….

The trio arrived just after sunset. Even though our captors seemed to know the strangers and offered them food, they seemed uneasy. It soon became apparent they were here to see us – the captives – the pilot, myself and four others. They came into the back of the cave and looked closely at each of us. They muttered in a strange language that did not sound like anything I had ever heard. When the tall one held the lantern close to look at me, I stared back with my one remaining eye. My breath caught in my throat but I refused to look away. Beautiful and terrible and not of this world. “Out of the frying pan and into the fire.” The old saying ran through my head as I felt the curtains of reality ripped away.

PC JJ Jessica Jane Taylor(Lisa)

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