The Courts

The Spring Court

The Emerald Court rejects the pain and sorrow of their time in Arcadia, drawing power from desire and joie de vivre.

The Spring Court believe that Changelings should not isolate themselves from their lost human ways, relishing in entertainment and beauty. They surround themselves in beauty and get over the trauma of their Durance by living well, opulently, decadently. How better to avenge themselves on the True Fae than to ignore them entirely?

They are artists, socialites, event planners, aesthetes, party people.

Their contracts concern the emotion of desire and the season of spring, warm and abundant.

Their heraldry is a crown of antlers and their colors are blues and greens.

The Summer Court

The Crimson Court draws power from the anger they bear toward their captors, gathering strength to fight against anyone who would enslave them again.

The Summer Court are the militant members of Changeling society, those who struggle day and night to resist being taken back to Arcadia again. When they reign, the freehold practices contests of strength and combat, trials of athleticism and competition; if the True Fae come back, they will find the Summer Court ready and with their blades sharp.

They are the soldiers, generals, lobbyists, hot-bloods, thugs and brawlers.

Their contracts concern the emotion of anger and the season of summer, hot and fiery.

Their heraldry is a spear of iron and their colors are bright greens and reds.

The Autumn Court

The Ashen Court finds its strength in fae magic, drawing the Glamour they need for their sorcery from the fears of mortals.

The Autumn Court are a strange bunch, even by the standards of the Fae-touched. They regard their changes as curse and blessing in equal measure, valuing knowledge, studying the nature of Arcadia, Glamour and the Fae to use their occult mysteries. Perhaps in some way they miss Arcadia’s majesty and wish to return.

They are occultists, investigators, archivists and detectives.

Their contracts concern the emotion of fear and the season of autumn, decaying and mysterious.

Their heraldry is a mirror of lead and their colors are oranges, browns and grays.

The Winter Court

The Onyx Court hides under layers of deception like a seed under snow-covered ground, hardening themselves on a diet of midwinter sorrow.

The Winter Court are those who flinch from the light, who believe the best way to approach the True Fae is not at all – they favor quiet, isolation and withdrawal, to avoid the Fae’s notice entirely. They hold court in inconspicuous places, never the same place twice.

They are commonly misconstrued as cowards; they are spies, skulkers, deceivers and tricksters.

Their contracts concern the emotion of sorrow and the season of winter, cold and static.

Their heraldry is an onyx dagger and their colors are white and black.

The Courts

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