FMP Courts Views

The Courts’ Views on the Children’s Contract

Autumn Court

Fear is an excellent tool and a motivator, not just a senseless emotion. Fear teaches. There is magic in fear. The Children’s Contract is the perfect embodiment of these precepts. Harming and putting the ultimate fear into a child is no easy thing, but it is a necessary evil. The Children’s Contract must be allowed to occur.

Spring Court

The Children’s Contract is something the courtiers are less comfortable with than they put forth. Sure, Queen Demona wants it. But she’s got a reason to want it to happen. The courtiers of desire support her because she is the Queen, but that doesn’t mean they’re happy about it.

Some think that maybe she’s gone too far on the side of sorrow, or is supporting this out of wrath. Neither of which are particularly emblematic of the Court of Desire, are they? Reluctance pervades.

Summer Court

The Children’s Contract must be stopped. To kidnap a child? To harm him in front of spectators? A grotesque display. If hurting one child helps a thousand, it’s still too much a sacrifice. Better instead to take the fight to the Fae. None of this grim Autumn magic.

When the Others come to snatch children, the Summer Court will be there, hunting them deep into the Hedge and cutting off their hands for trophies. Torturing an innocent boy before a carnival of monsters? Fuck that. The Summer Court will play nice. But as soon as the opportunity to stop this madness presents itself…

Winter Court

Grief is a good thing. Missing children is sad, certainly regrettable. But grief is a healthy emotion, and a solid reminder to the people of what they have — one must lose to gain, isn’t that true?

The reality is, though, if the True Fae want children, then that means they aren’t bothered with the Lost. Why draw their attention? Why stick thorns in their shoes and paint bloody bullseyes on the chests of every changeling in the freehold? The Children’s Contract will do just that thing.

FMP Courts Views

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